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Since 2013, fiscaltrust ist providing a safety device and will provide all requirements of the RKSV demanded by law for 2017 as an All-In-One-Solution. The fiskaltrust.Service will fulfil all the requirements of the Bundesabgabenordnung [Federal Fiscal Code] (BAO) and the Registrierkassensicherheitsverordnung [Cash Register Ordinance] (RKSV). You can find the information on the legal bases here (DE)

Which fiskaltrust.Products will be available?

  • Fiskaltrust.SignatureCard The ideal solution for a computer cash register which is installed at the operators company.
  • Fiskaltrust.SignatureBox The ideal solution for Type2 (stand alone) cash registers or POS-Apps without permanent internet access.
  • Fiskaltrust.SignatureCloud The perfect solution for web-cash registers, POS-Apps and applications with permanent internet access.

What are the benefits of the fiskaltrust.Partnership?

Free of charge: The fiskaltrust.Service can be used by the manufacturer, the retailer and the user free of cost (price of € 0, -).

Offline or online: This interface can be used offline as well as online!

Other on-line-services such as FinanzOnline-notification, auditable data collection log, detailed data backup, accounting data transmission, etc. will be available in the next months as opt-in modules. The complete package can be bought by the user in the future for EUR 360,- per year (for the cloud-version EUR 288,- p.a.). The payment has to be made directly from to the user straight to fiskaltrust.

For this chargeable opt-in-products, the overall package by the POS user, there will be an increasing commission agreement for the POS-manufacturer!

On the fiskaltrust.Portal, all partners can join our PR-List at with their POS systems, sales regions and dealers.

The first step your fiskaltrust.Partnership is to register at

How is the technical connection of the interface working?

The security mechanism according to the RKSV consists of receipt-numbering, totalizer, AES-encryption, signature generation, data collection log (DCL), etc.

The creation of initial-, monthly-, annual-, collective- and final tally-receipt etc. will be made. All these requirements are provided by fiskaltrust.Service.

This interface is an example for the necessary data of online POS-systems.

The Manufacturer Info to interface

  • Under you will find the general information as well as the partner list
  • Our information folder for POS-creators can be found here: (old version 06/2016)

For development

Some technical details

  • The service is currently based on Microsoft .NET 4.0 and is thus compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10, Posready 7 and can be run using MONO on Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Raspberry), Mac OSX  and many others.
  • As a (Windows)-service, it is network-capable and can also be operated on a terminal server.
  • Beause of the RKSV, each company has to use their own signature creation devices and for this reason, the client capability is realized by using multiple services with different service endpoints.
  • The combination of fiskaltrust.Serices, and signature creation device represents a security mechanism. The roll-out has to be made by the POS-creator, because it is connected with his software. The end-users are registered in the fiskaltrust.Portal to manage the signature creation devices for free or to purchase and activate the Opt-In-products. If the customer wants to work with an USB-signature-creation devices they can purchase and activated via fiskaltrust.Portal. Therefore, a partnership agreement with the a-trust ( is required.
  • For testing purpose, the signature creation is possible either by software, by smart card or online using an HSM of A-Trust.

For questions and to discussions, you can reach us at

Best Regards
Your fiskaltrust.Team

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